Button fashion

The first thing that comes to my head when I see button down abaya or jackets is “wow ” .

So , one of the beautiful trends in the fashion industry is the use of buttons , the way you can sew a simple abaya and yet glamour it with buttons and if you want to give it that extra touch , then just use the same fabric to cover the buttons or if u want to look more traditional , you can use Ankara to cover the buttons . Lush , ikrrr

So basically , we believe at Nanakhizana that buttons have a story to tell . You might be wondering howww . Don’t worry you’d be let in on why.

So basically you know when u see someone in butterfly abaya with buttons , you’d know there might be something going on inside there
Well , someone can be wearing the most beautiful strapless gown beaded all through and then can put on a butterfly abaya with buttons covered up with the fabric that’s worn as the under clothing, just take a moment to imagine it . Very beautiful , different and modest I must sayy .
Dressing modest is never boring .
Just add some sparks 1,2,3 and you’d be more than set to look beautiful and also classy .
So yeah , order the button down abayas and get yourself looking classyyy … and you want your buttons to have a story to tell?if yesss , then order for a beautiful gown that can be beaded all through for you and get yourself looking modesttllyyy beautiful .

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