A Peek in Nana`s Diary

It started from a girl seeking Financial freedom , seeking an escape from the shackles of being dependent on other people . A young teenage girl went on a journey to discovering herself . She’s still on that journey but now she’s more intentional on what she wants for herself .She wasn’t served any of these things on a platter of gold . She went through the journey of discovering herself . She didn’t hold herself down neither did she blame anyone or just sit around crying that she couldn’t get what she want .

Who is this lady ? She is the CEO of :- Nana khizana : A brand aimed at portraying the beauty in modest clothings . – Hair splash by Nana’s Khizana : A hair line initially aimed at discovering healthy ways for colours to dance on the hair while the crown is sitting nice on it (dyes ) , also natural hair care , locs installation and everything hair related . Minus extentions .-The brains behind the charity movement “She adores “: which is aimed at adorning the little girls on the streets with beautiful modest cinderella clothings and nice veils as their crowns . To adorn the female children .-A pharmacy student : working towards healing ailments by natural methods using herbs .-She is a fun normal 20- year old who decided to take charge of her life .

She is “Nanaishat Salau”

My name is Nanaishat Salau . CEO of Nana’s Khizana , Hair splash by Nana’s Khizana , A peek into Nana’s diary and the brains behind “She adores” (a charity movement ) . Apart from my business (Nana’s Khizana and hair splash) , I mentor various people with the experiences I have had and the knowledge I have accumulated so far .

Yes , I am just 20 years old but people who have had conversations with me don’t stop saying how my talk changed them in one or the other . I’ve also been given gifts in gratitude from the people I’ve mentored . I’ve done “Walking in Nana’s shoes” which was an online workshop and was successful as I’ve had people come to me showing me how they’ve opened their businesses and how I’ve pushed them to discovering another part of themselves

I recently started sharing my experiences and life journey and I called it *A Peek into Nana’s diary* as it’s more or less like I’m opening the pages of my life and sharing my experiences . Through this , I’ve been able to successfully guide my mentees in achieving their goals both in Business and life style wise .My mentees can testify that I don’t just “talk talk talk” . I leave with some impacts left on the person .