Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get customized clothings?

You definitely can . Just contact us , tell us the style and send us your measurements . An invoice would then be made specially for you which you would then make payments . The production to the delivery timing would be passed across to you so you would know when to expect your cinderella clothing.

How is delivery like? Is delivery worldwide?

The delivery is very swift and without any stress . Let us worry about how it’ll be made across to you but we guarantee that it’ll be made swiftly . The delivery fee would be attached to your invoice.

How do I make complaints or enquiries?

We always want to hear feedback’s from our customers . Simply go to “Contact” then you would see our details which you can then easily speak to us for swift replies .
We are always here to serve you and we can’t serve you better without hearing a feedback from you.

How is the return policy like?

We put extra efforts in ensuring that you’re pleased with your item . If the fitting isn’t the measurements you chose then it can be returned and adjusted .
If not , there’s zero return policy.

Would my ordered item be exactly how I see it to be?

Yes , what you see is what you get . Our existing customers can vouch for our quality of clothing’s and designs .

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